Fire Stop

Mini Fire Extinguisher

Price : ৳  1,200.00 ৳  899.00

Product Description


  1. Simple type foam fire extinguisher, compact, easy to carry, do not take place effectively, with good insulation properties, fire extinguishing function: can be used Fight: A class of fire (ordinary solid material fire), B class fires (flammable liquid fire), class C fires (fire gases and vapors), E class fire (charged species fire) and so on. For all types of vehicles used to carry, convenient and safe.


  2. This product is a simple type fire extinguishers, foam fire extinguishing agent interior membrane, non-toxic, tasteless, non-corrosive, non-polluting and secondary pollution, 100% biodegradable after use without special cleaning up the scene, a vehicle, ship-ship, family, hotels, offices, shopping malls ideal fire spare.

    It can be used to quickly put out such Class A and Class B fire since the beginning, you can also put out general electrical equipment fire extinguishing distance of not less than one meter, with rapid fire, cooling, anti resurgence properties.

    Packaged using binary spray cans, can be full 360 degree posture injection, the drive gas is compressed air, not with the fire extinguisher spray, is consistent with the protection of the ozone layer international Montreal Protocol requires replacement.


  1. This product is non-flammable, non-explosive, use, storage, transport safe and reliable.

    Use 2-3 meters away from the flame, remove the insurance, the nozzle at the heel or oil flames tangential, press the button. Bursts can be.

    Operation is very handy.


  2. Fire extinguishers once opened, can not be reused, refillable. Discarded after use when the first tank punctured, allowing preset gas released.


Package includes: 

1 x Foam Fire Extinguisher