Cockroach Bait Trap

– Cockroach Bait Trap – Reusable & Eco-Friendly

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Product Description

Cockroach Bait Trap is new invention to lure the cockroaches & imprison them. This revolutionary device is completely eco friendly and reusable

How do  ROACH KILLER work?
It is most advanced electronic anti-roach product. The included bait is initially used to lure cockroaches to the trap where they are zapped and killed instantly. Magical structure and biologic principle: 2 floors 8 no-exit doors crystal construction, as long as a piece of sesame sweet flavor biscuit bait placed at bottom, crystal trap set at a cockroach infested corner, a cockroach will go through the trap door for the biscuit, trapped cockroach can not get out would send a signal to lure more cockroaches entry, thus catching the whole lot in an action.
Not anxious to clean the trap will be more effective in trapping cockroaches


1.No electricity,no toxicant,no pollution,easy to use!
2.Safe,reusable,and environmental friendly.
3.Item structure: 2 floors with 8 no-exit Aluminum door
4.Package: colorful box,as seen on TV.
5.Bait: sweet biscuit with strong fragrance
6.Material: plastic and iron
7.Size:12.5 x 12.5 x 4.5CM
8.Color: As photo,mix colors wholesale, at random .



Warm Tips to use:
1. If one cockroach was trapped,don’t deal with it in hurry,as the Cockroach lives in group,so if you catch one, it will make sinal which will make the other follow. And the trapped one will make the door more tempting.
2.As the Cockroach fears ants,so the trap should not be placed the areas where the ants always appear.
3.The  cockroach  will have a dormancy when it eat enough,so you neend to change the place of magic house and the food . Be patient, all the cockroach will spare none!!!!!