– Meat & Vegetable Grinder (কিমা মেশিন)

Price : ৳  1,769.00

Product Description


1. Mainly used as a meat mincer
2. Applied on garlic, onion, celery, chili grinding …etc.



1. Material: Food grade material, safety and healthy.
2. New design with 6 cutter, work at same time with high efficiency.
3. Bottom designed with vacuum suction plate, work more stable. 

Product Description of Multi functional Meat Grinder – Green 

What’s in the Box: 
1 x Meat Grinder Body1 x Hand Crank1 x Screw 1 x Screw Wrench1 x Turret1 x Chuck Wrench1 x Front Cover1 x Front Spout1 x Enema Tube1 x User Manual Guide Product Features and Uses Multi functional Meat Grinder is a versatile kitchen cooking tool, simple to operate, easy to clean Features popular Asian kitchen Products of high quality food grade plastic and stainless steel design. With no With accessories to make products derived from different functions, can produce various sizes of meat, chili sauce, garlic and other ingredients can be made unique flavor of the sausage filling. Powerful meat grinder allows you to discover more kitchen fun.



1. Choose a clean countertop adsorption base, such as the bottom surface roughness easy to loose. 
2. Each component into a container of food should not be too much, and it is recommended to cut into strips. 
3. In the agitation when the handle is strictly prohibited finger into the container.4. This product is only suitable for use in the home, not for commercial purposes. 

Cleaning and Maintenance 
1. When the screw wrench into the body through the mouth fixes front, hand crank counterclockwise spin out, carefully removed the used parts. 
2. Immediately clean all the used parts. 
3. Dry immediately after washing and store in a cool dry place.