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– Humidifying Cooler Desk Fan

Price : ৳  2,600.00 ৳  2,150.00

Product Description

Feeling hot while working in office or outdoor travels. Now you can blow a cool breeze and add back the desired moisture in the air to create the ideal humidity where ever you go.

Mobilegear here presents an innovative fan which not only works as a fan but also as a Humidifier thus giving you a cool misty air as well as adding moisture.

This humidifier adopts ultrasonic humidifying principle, atomize the water molecule to be ultrafine particles & negative oxygen ions, spread to the air, increases humidity. It increases the water molecule in the air, settles the dust particles & thus leaves a dry, feel good and healthy environment.


  • Incorporate ultrasonic humidfiier, misting fan and normal fan in one.
  • Humidifier operates independently or with fan.
  • Cooler fan, cool down 5-7 Degree Celsius.
  • Adjustable direction of unit.
  • Auto off when water-less.
  • Quick touch to control on/off.
  • Function : Red led – Fan function, Blue led – humidifier function, Red & Blue – Humidifier & Fan function.

General Specifications:

  • Package Content:1 Fan, 1 Power Adapter & 1 Bottle.

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